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S. Hilbre Thomson grew up in Massachusetts with three older sisters and a younger brother. While she has had a career in education as an elementary school teacher her entire adult life, she has always dreamed of writing suspense novels. Trevor is her first published novel. Her love of writing comes directly from her love of reading which she enjoys almost as much as spending time with her husband, three daughters, and their dog, Tucker. Summer vacations allow her to spend time with extended family at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire where she loves to read on the dock and look forward to a great thunder and lightning storm. Thomson is an exceptional baker (but not a good cook). Whenever she asks what she can bring to a party, the answer is always chocolate chip cookies. She enjoys making other people laugh with her sarcastic sense of humor. Her favorite authors include John Grisham, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, and Jennifer Nielsen.

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